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Working weekend at the Ormož basins.

From Friday 9th till Sunday 11th of May we had pretty busy weekend at Ormož basins. On Friday, 21 students from study programme Ecology with Nature Conservation from Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics visited the area. As part of their course »Introduction to Nature Conservation« they carried out field work within which they got to know the planned nature reserve and plans for the future.

In the afternoon a group of students and other volunteers pumped the wather from one of circular sedimentation tanks and rescued all the animals trapped inside, mostly frogs. This was urgent, because sedimentation tank will be buried very shortly. Rescued animals and plants were transfered to a new renaturated ditch, completed in March under action C.3. Action continoued through Saturday.

Meanwhile on Saturday we started to bulldoze the piles of earth in the western part of area, which was finished on Sunday. On the surface that was leveled the meadow will be establihed that will serve as a fodder for grazing livestock.

We sincirely thank the »TSO in liquidation« for lending us the machinery required for the earth works free of charge and for the help of all the volunteers.

Students at the Ormož Basins.Photo: Tilen Basle
Rescue of the animals from the sedimentation tank.Photo: Tilen Basle
Bulldozer at work.Photo: Tilen Basle
Surface for the meadow is prepared.Photo: Tilen Basle


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