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We organized an excursion to Slovakia

There have been quite some river restoration projects in Europe in last few years. People recognized that past river managament practices were not sustainable and efficient and left deep scars on river ecosystems across Europe and whole world. For efficent and sustainable river restoration actions modern approach is needed which involves cooperation with nature conservationists and researchers acros the wider area.


To address this need for exchange of knowledge we organized an excursion to Slovakia. On 27th of May DOPPS LIVEDRAVA project team together with some colleagues from project partners VGB and VGP visited several river restoration sites along Donaube river. Local NGO BROZ showed us their river restoration work done through two LIFE projects; LIFE BEESANDFISH (LIFE12 NAT/SK/1137) and Restoration of NATURA 2000 sites in cross-border Bratislava capital region (LIFE10 NAT/SK/080)..


The sites we visited along Donaube river include Velkolélsky ostrov (opening of a river sidearm, livestock grasland managing), Devinska Kobyla (sandbanks managing, livestock grasland managing) and Devinsko rameno (opening of a river sidearm).


We thank our colleagues form BROZ for their time and excellent guidance and we hope for some more future opportunities to work together for the conservation of this fragile river ecosystem.

2016_29_5_slovaska_kolaz_TBPhoto: Tilen Basle
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