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Short documentary about river Drava was premiered

A very first screening of our short documentary entitled »Drava River – Nature’s Gift for Every Generation« happened in town od Maribor. Documentary tells the story of Drava river as it is remembered by our encestors till this day. It show the struggle of many organisations and induviduals to conserve and sustainable manage this fragile river ecosystem.


Documentary was filmed as a part of a project LIVEDRAVA, Riparian Ecosystem Restoration of the Lower Drava River in Slovenia (LIFE11 NAT/SI/882). Filming begun shortly after the project started back in 2012 and was finished in spring 2016. The premiere screening was held on Friday, 16th of September 2016 at GT22 in Maribor with audience of more than 60 people.


For those who missed the event we uploaded the movie and can be seen on LIVEDRAVA website. We invite you to watch, share and especialy enjoy it!

2016_19_9_premiera_MB_JureNovak_englPhoto: Tilen Basle
More than 60 people attended the event.


Design: Polonca Peterca
Developer: Uroš Orešič in Gregor Sušanj