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Little Ringed Plover research started.

In March we started research about Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubuis at gravel bars on river Drava between the town of Maribor and village Središče ob Dravi. The goal of the research is to identify the survival rate of the chicks and the survival of the young between the years. Because Little Ringed Plover is a migratory bird, we also want to find out, how many adult and young birds return to the their breeding grounds from the previous years. Through the research we are taking great care identifing all possible human threats that are impacting the life on gravelbars.

Till this day we cought and ringed 27 adult and 39 chicks of Little Ringed Plovers and all were ringed with different combinations of colour rings. Ringing takes less then 10 minutes and the bird is then released at the same place. From this moment on, the bird can be easy identified with the scope which is the purpose of colour ringing. Through the research we will continue to ring the birds and at the same time monitor the activitiy of those already marked.

Adult with colour rings.Photo: Tilen Basle
Taking some measures.Photo: Tilen Basle
Chick at the scale.Photo: Tilen Basle
Chick hidden in the nest.Photo: Tilen Basle


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