Conservation objectives

  • Preserve populations of endangered (water)birds with appropriate management.
  • Restore and preserve the stopover site for migrating (water)birds across Slovenia and along so called “Adriatic Flyway” migration route.
  • Achieve positive impact on habitats types important for (water)birds.
  • Preserve nature values of unique technological and cultural heritage of Slovenia (wastewater basins of the ex sugar factory Ormož).
  • Preserve populations of other endangered and internationally protected plant and animal species.
  • Preserve biodiversity of the area, especially of the (water)birds.

Scientific research objectives

  • Establishment of the information center and research station for monitoring of migrating birds.
  • Execution of monitoring and researches (in co-operation with universities from nature science and education field of work and other national and international research organizations).
  • Establishment of professional scientific network of partner organizations with the goal to exchange knowledge through international cooperation, volunteer exchange, international research camps, conferences and workshops.
  • Create and present the wastewater basins and their possible nature conservation role as the best practice case for wastewater basins of sugar factories in Pannonian Basin and south-east Europe.

Public awareness, promotion and education objectives

  • Promotion of volunteering and giving the opportunity of active involvement in all aspects of work in nature reserve.
  • Arrangement of nature reserve in a way, that visitors don’t disturb birds.
  • Arrangement of adventure trails in the nature reserve, that are adapted for all generations of visitors and especially for people with disabilities.
  • Spread awareness and educate on principles of the latest didactical knowledge.
  • oPreserving the old breeds of domestic animals.
  • Development of nature-friendly tourism in the nature reserve.
  • Local community involvement with work in nature reserve and promotion of organic products.
Design: Polonca Peterca
Developer: Uroš Orešič in Gregor Sušanj