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Last Saturday passed in the spirit of some concrete nature conservation action carried out by volunteers of DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia. Sand Martins are on the way to their breeding grounds along the river Drava, so it was time to prepare the steep sandy river banks for their arrival. More

After decades of winter waterfowl hunting at Ormož Lake the guns were silent in the seasons 2014/15 and 2015/16. Will this period of peace hold out in winter 2016/17? More


On 14. of Octobre 2016 an opening ceremony of new ornitological observation tower was held at Ptuj Lake and it was organized together with Manucipality Ptuj. A keynote speakers at an event were Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Ms. Irena Majcen, Mayor of Manucipality Ptuj, Mr. Miran Senčar, president of DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia, Mr. Rudolf Tekavčič and project LIVEDRAVA coordinator and CEO of DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia, Mr. Damijan Denac. Event was organized as a part of a project LIVEDRAVA, Riparian Ecosystem Restoration of the Lower Drava River in Slovenia (LIFE11 NAT/SI/882). More

A very first screening of our short documentary entitled »Drava River – Nature’s Gift for Every Generation« happened in town od Maribor. Documentary tells the story of Drava river as it is remembered by our encestors till this day. It show the struggle of many organisations and induviduals to conserve and sustainable manage this fragile river ecosystem. More


This spring, as for many before we organized several voluntary actions of managing river sandbanks along river Drava. Managing of sandbanks on river Drava is crucial for the populations od Sand martin and Kingfisher. Without continuous help of many volunteers, both species would probably disappear from this area. More

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